Inner Noise

“Asaf Sirkis & The Inner Noise boldly go where fusion only hesitantly put out the odd foot before, and where prog rock could at best dream of going had it dared to. The music is vibrant, vital, exciting and fresh and even manages to surprise. One of these surprises is its wonderful accessibility and immediacy. “Inner Noise” has to be essential in any modern jazz and modern classical collection at the very least. Grab the original issue while you can as it’s almost guaranteed to become a prized collectible”.

– 2004 Renaissance Man/Rainlore, February 2004, UK


”It’s a challenge to distinguish oneself these days, but Asaf Sirkis & The Inner Noise is creating its own niche; an organ-guitar-drums trio like no other. The Song Within continues the precedent set on Inner Noise (Konnex, 2002) with Sirkis’ best writing yet for a trio that has its own voice and continues to grow with each successive release”.

– John Kelman, All About Jazz, 2007


… ”an attractive luxuriousness of texture, some sensational drumming and inventive soloing… Great playing from three contemporary performers at the upper-edge of the game”…

– John Fordham, The Guardian Friday CD Review, June 2005


… ”fuelled fusion fun of the best kind, delivered without pretension and bursting with energy”.

– Peter Marsh, BBC Magazine, June 2005