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“Since arriving in London from Israel at the end of the end of the '90s, Asaf Sirkis has earned a reputation as one of the world's premier drummers”
Ian Patterson, All About Jazz

Israeli-born drummer and London resident Asaf Sirkis unleashes with thunderous abandon on this hard-hitting fusion offering that harkens back to a time before the genre became codified, diluted and reduced to a critical joke” .
Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times (USA)

'The more subtle virtuosity of a Bill Stewart or a Jack DeJohnette is rooted in the subsoil of the music from which it came: it's something other than athletics. In that context, some really interesting young players to watch are Mark Guiliana from Avishai Cohen's group in the USA, and Martin France and Asaf Sirkis in the UK.'
Bill Bruford in Bill Bruford: The Autobiography, 2009, Jawbone Press

''Drummer Asaf Sirkis’ Letting Go is marked by cerebral melodies played as cosmic echoes. Sirkis’ trio takes his finely honed compositions and sets them free to dance upon a universal landscape''.
Walter Kolosky, author of the book Follow Your Heart- John McLaughlin song by song

...“Sirkis simply the most sensitive of percussionists”
Chris Parker

Asaf Sirkis sounding creatively freer and more dramatically inventive than ever on drums.
John Fordham, The Guardian

“Sirkis is not only an inventive drummer but also a composer of rigour, wit and surprising delicacy”
Chris Ingham, Mojo Magazine

''Letting Go goes back to instrumental jazz-rock before it ironed out the creases and became an f-word’.
‘Sirkis’ magnificent presence is always tempered by an acute sensitivity to group principles’'.

Selwyn Harris, Jazzwise

''Sirkis continues to grow as a composer and leader, balancing subtly alluring introspection with dramatic release. This record will add to his reputation as an original and captivating voice''.
Ian Patterson, All about Jazz

''Sirkis is just a joy throughout, whether surging at speed or adding delicate cymbal accents amid the brush strokes. Like all the best drummers and especially those who lead bands, he manages to enhance the playing of his band members while always determining the overall sound and character of the music through his distinctive rhythmic feel and strong musical character''.
Peter Bacon, Jazz Breakfast

''Sirkis himself drums with a good mix of power, intelligence and sensitivity and the album represents his strongest set of compositions to date''.
Ian Mann, Jazz mann

“Asaf Sirkis, the world class drum phenomenon reminiscent of Jack DeJohnette and Tony Williams at the height of their powers that's taken the British scene by storm over the last few years”...
Renaissance man

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The New Sirkis/Bialas international quartet album Come To Me will be officially launched on November 21st at the London Jazz festival, Cadogan Hall. You can now purchase advance copies here.

Hear/download the new album here

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Asaf's new trio album - Shepherd's Stories' is available here and on iTunes!. Shepherd's Stories has been selected by both John Kelman and Ian Patterson to be one of the best albums of 2013 at the All About Jazz website!!

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