Guitars You Need On Your Wish List

Hi fellow musicians! Today I decided to talk about guitars, since they are a very important part of music afterall. Most of us probably have some kind of “wish list”, where we put things we want to buy, but can’t really afford it. Well, my list mainly consists out of instruments and audio gear, so I’ll share with you some of those guitars that I plan/wish to to buy until next year.

Warning: if you’re looking for affordable guitars, look somewhere else. For example, you can find the best guitars under 2000 right here, but in this post there won’t be any cheap ones, or models for beginners. Let’s get to it!

Fender American Original ’60s Stratocaster

I have always wanted this one. It’s a high end electric guitar and features Fender’s classic look.

It looks absolutely phenomenal and when I heard it live, I knew that was it. I gotta have it!


PRS McCarty 594

It’s crazy expensive, but all for good reasons. I really enjoy looking at it, as I simply love vintage design. It first appeared in 90’s and has a rich history. This is the one I’m getting first.


Fender American Professional Telecaster

The last one on my wish list. I’m not a millionaire afterall.

Who wouldn’t want this one, just look at the colors! I love how they blend from green-ish, white, all the way to golden yellow. Its shape is a bit odd, but I don’t dislike it. This is a great way to wrap my collection (at least for this year (if I manage to buy it)).


Three different guitars, three different stories, three different prices.

This post is inspired by MusicRadar, where I found all of these models. These 3 are some of the most recognized guitars by professional players, and one can just wish to add them to their guitar collection. I hope the day comes soon – the day I collect enough money to buy all of them. It’ll be a great day, indeed.

Until then, I still have some mid-range guitars to buy first, and I already have some in mind by looking at this guide.