Jaka Bostjancic and Music Producers Stealing The Spotlight

Here is how music industry always used to work: an artist and a producer get together in the studio, they make a song, song gets released, artist gets all the attention, nobody knows who produced the song. Fortunately, that’s not the case anymore.

Jaka Bostjancic explained how music industry is changing and how happy he is about music producers finally getting the attention they deserve.

He is also known as NGHTBLD and over the years, he got a lot of experience on the music scene. He knows what really happens behind the scenes and he was willing to share the secrets with us.

nghtbld - jaka bostjancic in the studio

Jaka Bostjancic in a home studio with the Slovenian artist Sheby


Jaka comes all the way from Slovenia and has never actually been in the UK. He says you don’t need to travel all around the world to produce hit songs nowadays, everything can be done right from your home studio. All you really need is a musical talent, a laptop and a set of studio speakers.


Music Producers Stealing The Spotlight

The music scene was different even 10 years ago. You would hear a song on your radio but had no idea who produced it. These days, producers tag their beats with so-called “voice tags” to let everybody know who produced what. This is a clever move and the main reason why music producers get more and more attention.

“Song starts to play on the radio and you hear something like “Murda on the beat so it’s not nice” (MurdaBeat’s voice tag). If you really like the beat, you will probably look up his voice tag on Google and find his producer name. Then you will be able to find more great songs produced by him and eventually you will become his fan”, Jaka explains.

So instead of hiding in the background, producers are tagging their own beats, so when artists use their instrumentals and songs become hits, producers’ audience grow as well. This sure wouldn’t happen if they didn’t put their voice tag on it.


How Anyone With Access To the internet can collaborate with famous artists

Jaka Bostjancic also told us how “simple” it really is for anybody to get connections and work with famous artists. “There are a few websites where you can get contacts of any celebrity you can imagine. Those contacts are mostly managers, but they can help you a lot. What happened for me was, I got a few email addresses and sent a few beats out. From there, you just have to build a relationship with those managers and you have a guaranteed placement under your belt. The excuse of new producers not getting enough attention is usually “but I don’t have any connections”. All of this can be solved by putting yourself out there, contacting managers and building relationships with them. Sure, not all of them will be willing to help you, but you just need one and your whole life can change.”

Music Producer Jaka Bostjancic

Credits: Jaka Bostjancic

All You Have To Know About Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an option that is becoming more and more attractive as a successful business model for online stores. This distribution model is closely linked to online sales and relieves the e-commerce owner of logistic tasks. Therefore, before dropshipping is analyzed and how it can help online shop, let’s look at some basic facts.

In fact, there are more and more online courses being made on this topic, a great example is Shopify ninja course review.

Dropshipping and e-commerce

For some years, e-commerce in Europe has been rising rapidly. In fact, according to IAB Spain and Elogie, 74% of internet users in Europe buy online, which means three out of four people! There were times when people did not have a good sense of paying with their credit cards online.

Of course, this was noticed by those who took care of the business, and they created online stores that were supposed to answer this important question with their potential customers. They have opened thousands of electronic stores that have become part of everyday life of their users with different levels of success.

And while one of the main advantages of the online store is a significant reduction in fixed costs (you do not have to pay rent for premises, there are no sales staff, nor do you have to pay water and electricity bills) both online and offline entrepreneurs have the same common problem: inventories. To sell, you need to store your product so you can prepare it for shipping to your customer. This can inflate the costs of your online store and reduce its benefits from physical trading. But keep the calm blood, here’s the dropshipping!

According to Salvador Esteve, co-founder of BigBuy, the dropshipping is a “business model that enables the launch of an e-commerce website with thousands of products without the need to store any stocks at all.” And when you overcome the ‘blockade’ everything else will go much faster. At BigBuy, we take care of everything regarding the storage and preparation of each order, and for the whole related packaging and sending to the customer. Now let’s look at this in a bit more detail.


Dropshipping: what is and how it works

Dropshipping basically represents the following: the consumer buys the product in an online store and the distributor receives the order. Once the order is completed, the dropshipping supplier itself sends the consumer his product.

To clearly explain what dropshipping is and how it works, let’s look at an example:

Steve wants to buy perfume online and deliver it to his home address. In Google’s search engine “Men’s Perfume Armani”, he finds an online store called “Perfume Amelie” and decides to buy. Make a payment and indicate your shipping information.
Marta, who owns Perfumery Amelie, receives Steve’s order. She works with BigBuy, so she does not need to send anything. Simply visits the BigBuy website and orders Giorgio Armani perfume at a lower, wholesale price.
When BigBuy receives the order, it is packed with the name and the address of Perfumery Amelie as the sender. Once done, the shipment is sent directly to Steve.

Steve receives his perfume at the appointed time and does not know that BigBuy has been involved in shipping. She gives a positive assessment for Perfumerie Amelie and recommends her girlfriend and her family to order perfumes there.

Marta has a new satisfied customer and receives as a profit the difference between the wholesale price at BigBuy and the retail price paid by Steve when buying a perfume.

Are U2 going away? Bono will be spreading the word of AIDS

The Irish band U2 concluded the Experience + Innocence tour in Berlin a few days ago, where singer Bono said they “go now for a while away”. It was now learned that he would take part in a special television show to raise money to raise awareness and fight AIDS.

“We have been on tour for some time now, we insist for 40 years, and the last four years have been very special for us. We are leaving now,” said Irish singer Bono on the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin on November 13, frontman U2.

Some fans hastened to conclude that this could be the end of a group that was founded in 1976. The authors of the site covering their concerts,, have calmed them down on Twitter that “after every last tour of the tour the same and that they will again cover some kind of concert again sooner rather than later. ”

There is a suspicion that the band will do something to mark the 40th anniversary of Boy’s album and the 30th anniversary of Achtung Baby’s album. In Dublin, a Dirty Day song was played in Dublin for a quarter of a century, and in Copenhagen, The Unforgettable Fire and Stay (Faraway, So Close!), Which they have not played for many years, played.

Bono has now announced that he will take part in a special television show in the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, which will raise funds for awareness raising and the fight against AIDS. He will join forces with comedian Will Ferrell and Chris Rock, actress Milo Kunis and rapper Snoop Dogg.