If I had to pick two? Drums and guitar.

A while ago, someone asked me which two instruments would I pick, if I had to choose between all of those that exist. My answer, of course, was drums and guitar. I feel like these two fit perfectly together and you can jam for days, without any other tools.

Like Asaf, I’m a drummer myself (he’s not behind this website, it’s a fan-made one) and I’ll be talking about music gear, jams, concerts and discussing more cool topics. 

Welcome to Asaf Sirkis’ web site

“Since arriving in London from Israel at the end of the end of the ’90s, Asaf Sirkis has earned a reputation as one of the world’s premier drummers”

– Ian Patterson, All About Jazz


“Israeli-born drummer and London resident Asaf Sirkis unleashes with thunderous abandon on this hard-hitting fusion offering that harkens back to a time before the genre became codified, diluted and reduced to a critical joke”.

– Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times (USA)


‘The more subtle virtuosity of a Bill Stewart or a Jack DeJohnette is rooted in the subsoil of the music from which it came: it’s something other than athletics. In that context, some really interesting young players to watch are Mark Guiliana from Avishai Cohen’s group in the USA, and Martin France and Asaf Sirkis in the UK.’

– Bill Bruford in Bill Bruford: The Autobiography, 2009, Jawbone Press