Are U2 going away? Bono will be spreading the word of AIDS

The Irish band U2 concluded the Experience + Innocence tour in Berlin a few days ago, where singer Bono said they “go now for a while away”. It was now learned that he would take part in a special television show to raise money to raise awareness and fight AIDS.

“We have been on tour for some time now, we insist for 40 years, and the last four years have been very special for us. We are leaving now,” said Irish singer Bono on the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin on November 13, frontman U2.

Some fans hastened to conclude that this could be the end of a group that was founded in 1976. The authors of the site covering their concerts,, have calmed them down on Twitter that “after every last tour of the tour the same and that they will again cover some kind of concert again sooner rather than later. ”

There is a suspicion that the band will do something to mark the 40th anniversary of Boy’s album and the 30th anniversary of Achtung Baby’s album. In Dublin, a Dirty Day song was played in Dublin for a quarter of a century, and in Copenhagen, The Unforgettable Fire and Stay (Faraway, So Close!), Which they have not played for many years, played.

Bono has now announced that he will take part in a special television show in the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, which will raise funds for awareness raising and the fight against AIDS. He will join forces with comedian Will Ferrell and Chris Rock, actress Milo Kunis and rapper Snoop Dogg.